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"I saw an angel in the block of marble and I just chiseled it until I set him free." - Michelangelo

At First Choice Riding Academy we offer many types of training for horses as well as humans. We start young horses or retrain issues on older horses, as well as offering polishing programs for the show horse. All of the training that is done at our farm is based on the Training Pyramid which is now made famous by the United States Dressage Federation although it has been long standing in the German methods.

Heidi has broke an array of young horses, anything from Warmbloods that have gone on to year end awards at a National level, to a 4 year old mustang, who went on to do nothing in particular, but her owner sure loved riding her!

Here at First Choice we nurture the horse through consistency and encouragement. We do not use leather straps and training devices to make the horse do what we want, we use the same tack the horse will use in daily life, and we encourage the horse to learn to do what we want, showing the horse what we are looking for will make them strong, and feel good.

Part of the training philosophy incorporates the owner of the horse, so included in training board are lessons for the owner or rider of the horse. When we bring a horse in for training we work the horse 4-5 times a week, providing the horse with consistency as well as a couple of days to absorb what it has learned and for muscle development. As the training progresses we will ask the owner to take one or two of those sessions and actually get on the horse in a lesson format so that the rider becomes familiar with the training that the horse is going through. This way, when the training ends the owner is fully aware of the program and how to proceed.

Training Fees

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Featherlite trailer

We offer transport to shows and clinics, as well as for medical visits or any other reason. Bob is chief transporter, and drives one of three transport rigs. He has a 6-8 horse Imperatore van which we use to go to shows and for long distance hauls. The horses ride very comfortably above the ground in this wonderful and enclosed format. It is a side by side, so those who feel more comfortable backwards are able to do so. It can also open up to three box stalls for cross-country travel.

We ship many horses in our 4 horse slant load with the option of a double stall when we determine it is needed.

Also, Bob uses the Kingston two-horse for short jaunts. Bob has logged many miles trucking horses and is exceptional when it comes to difficult horses. He has patience and a large repertoire of ways to get a horse to go on the trailer.

Truck with trailerTransport fees are as follows:

For trips that are 6 hours or longer, we charge expenses (tolls, meals, hotel stays when needed) plus $250 per day.

For local transport, the fee is $65 per hour. Hay and shavings not included.

We no longer offer a discount for multiple horses.

If you want to move your horse around, please contact Bob.


Boarder aisle

At First Choice, we offer a full board option to our students. When they feel the time has come for them to become a horse owner, they can rest assured that we will find a place for their new horse. Board includes use of all amenities, with only a few restrictions on the indoor arena time, hay and grain, stall cleaning daily, and turn out, either privately or in groups depending on the horse. We have paddocks ranging from as small as 100 x 110, to pasture that is 18 acres. We even have lay up pens for those horses that need a little less room while they heal from an injury. We offer the opportunity for day or night turn out, as well as 24 hour turnout with sheds. Owners are allowed to visit their horses whenever they like, although we strongly ask that people finish with their horse by 9 PM and that they not come before 7 AM, so as to keep a regular schedule for the horses. It is our goal to provide the best care for the most reasonable rate. We also offer extras for a small fee.

Click here for our fee schedule.

Horse Purchase Consultations

Heidi has a long time reputation for making nice horse/human connections. If you would like to have help finding your next equine partner, Heidi may be able to help you. The process can be a long and arduous one, but is always easier when you have the expert help of a professional.

Consults for horse purchases start with an in-person discussion about what you are looking for, what your goals are, and what your idea of the perfect horse for you. Then, we will have a mounted session which is in lesson format and lasts for about 30 minutes. This is a critical facet of this consultation which helps Heidi develop a feel for your ability and style. This is not a judgemental period. Heidi chooses the horse that you will ride based on the discussion beforehand. Finding a horse is extremely personal! You and Heidi need this consult to develop the relationship that will make this search work.

Then Heidi will give you your homework, as well as beginning her own. Together, you will work toward finding your new horse. Heidi will send you out first to look at horses, just to see if the chemistry works for you. You may choose to ride or not to ride at this first visit. When you find a horse that you seem to click with, she will join you on a visit.

If Heidi thinks this horse is in fact suitable and you decide to pursue purchase, she will help oversee the vetting. Sometimes this is done in person and sometimes the vets work with her over the phone. She will negotiate the details of the sale for you and read over any purchase agreement that you may be presented with to be sure that you are represented as well as possible. She will help you with the logistics all of the way to getting your horse home to you.

Of course there is no guarantee that the match will be that made in heaven, but with Heidi's professional help you have a significantly higher chance of getting a suitable horse. If you are looking for your next horse, please feel free to contact Heidi to schedule your initial consult and start looking for your next best friend!

Horse Sale Consignments

Do you have a horse you would like to sell, but you don't want to handle the showings? Are you tired of dealing with callers who aren't serious? Do you have to plan showings around the weather? With our indoor facilities and people calling to buy horses on a regular basis, our ability to sell your horse is far higher than if you are doing it yourself.

Does your horse need training in order to be salable? Or is it ready to move on? Heidi and the First Choice crew can work with both facets, as well as manage the advertising of your horse, all of the showings, right down to handling the vetting, and actual sale agreement.

Contact Heidi to discuss how she can help you sell your horse.