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Gone, But Not Forgotten

Lucky - Retired

"Lucky" is a 2004 QH gelding who is 16.2 hands tall. He is a great boy to learn the basics on and yet he has taken students to local shows and scores in the mid 70's without blinking an eye! He loves to jump, and will easily bring a rider from intro to jumping to jumping courses of 2-2'6" with ease.

Lucky has been rehomed to a most perfect situation where he can celebrate his life and all he has taught so many people.

Fannie - In Memory
FCRA school horse Fannie

"Scenic Fannie Mae" is a registered American Paint Horse mare.  She was born in 1993. She is a wonderfully versatile mare and is not only a great beginners horse but she is the star of the vaulting program.  She is a super mellow girl and except for the fact that she likes to announce her arrival in the indoor she will let just about anyone do just about anything!  She came to the farm in 2008.

MeMe - In Memory

"Inselmir" a.k.a. MeMe's grandfather is Donauwind, a famous jumper. She is a registered Trakehner mare who stands 16.1 hands. She was born in 1987 in Northern CA and she moved east in 1993. She later went to Wadsworth Farm in Danvers, MA to study dressage under Roel Thunnison, before coming here. She is an always popular mount and is just wonderful at her job. She loves to jump! She not only does the equitation shows with us but she has been seen at dressage shows and events. She has been with FCRA since 2000.

Sapphire and Kiwi

Meet Kiwi (on the left) and Sapphire - the farm's Nigerian Goats. Sapphire was born in 2004 and was given to Christopher at Christmas time along with her sister Ruby who was given to Conner by their grandmother. (Did she ever ask if it was a good idea to do this at Christmas time? You would have to ask her!). The boys raised them from 10 day old kids in the kitchen of our house! They were bottle fed 5 times a day and were sheer fun as they would race from one end of the house to the other. Of course, when we were not watching them they were in a pen. During the afternoon, they would be at the farm where they made themselves quite at home in the jackets of on looking moms. Eventually, they moved to the farm for good.

Unfortunately, Ruby passed away in the fall of 2005. In 2006, we decided that Sapphire was too lonely without her sister, so Conner found Kiwi. She was also a bottle baby, but she grew up in the barn. She is the vocal part of the duo. The goats are fun to watch, but also good friends to the horses. It is a commonly known fact that horses and goats get along well and is demonstrated when they are in the same paddocks at the farm. The goats are known to be loose all morning, and then in their pen in the afternoon. Kiwi practices her songs when she feels a little bored.

Ryanne - In Memory
Ryanne FCRA schoolie

"Ryanne" is a 1989 Mustang mare who was adopted out by the BLM! She is one of the kindest souls in the world and has really influenced my thoughts on the Mustangs of the world. She just adores the beginner kids and is so safe and quiet she blows me away. She also enjoys her time with the adults and seems to take in stride that her new life comes with a job. Ryanne is a fast favorite around the farm as her demeanor just says it all. She is also absolute best friend with MeMe and will walk shoulder to shoulder with her all day long. Ryanne has been with us since 2011.

Bally - Retired
FCRA school horse Bally

"Bally Boy" was bought in Germany at the Hanoverian auction in Achen. He was going to be a super star, but the cards did not fall that way for him. After a major lay up and the prediction from some of the country's best vets that he had a 30% chance of being a pasture ornament he finds himself here at FCRA. This 1996 Hanoverian gelding has proven all of the stats wrong! He is now a show horse, and a power house in the dressage arena. Bally is teaching more advanced riders all about dressage and some jumping. Don't let his scar on his face worry you, this is one fancy boy! Bally has been with us since 2010.

Bally is retired to his former owner with love.

Melody - Retired

"Melody" is a Welsh cross pony and was born in 1997 in Idaho. She is probably the best pony in the world. She has been known to jump courses of 3 feet, even though she is only 12.3 hands. She teaches beginners through intermediate students and is a very popular pony to lease for the summer. She is almost always champion at shows and people always ask if she is for sale. Sorry, but we don't sell our ponies if we can help it! Although she is small in size she gets turned out with the largest of mares. Her best friends are 16.3 hands to 17.1 hands. Did any one tell her she is a pony? She has been with FCRA since 2003.

Melody is retired to a wonderful former student to be her daughter's pony.

Linus - Rehomed

"Linus" joined the First Choice team in the fall of 2012. He is a Cleveland Bay cross, and a great asset to the farm. He is a talented dressage horse who loves the lateral work as well as the foundation work, and he is a confident event horse. He is kind and gentle and has a lot to teach the intermediate rider and up.

Linus now belongs to former FCRA students.

Princess - In Memory

Princess is our 6 year old female "domestic medium hair" barn cat. She has been at the farm since she was 7 weeks old, and came with her brother Tux, and a third sibling that we adopted out to a student's family a day later. Tux decided that he wanted to live with Renee and left when he was two. Princess is an integral part of the farm. She is our primary mouser. She can often be seen prowling the farm, climbing through the rafters or just leisurely laying about. She loves to be held, although she will promptly start to drool!

The Chickens: Mrs. Banks, Mary and Little Red - In Memory

The chickens were added to the farm in 2006. They are the chief fly catchers and bug reducers. The big buff colored hen is Mrs. Banks (center), she is a Buff Orpington. Then, there is Mary (right) who is a Gold Laced Wyandotte. She loves to be petted, but do let her come to you. The comic relief of the flock is Little Red (left). She is a Rhode Island Red cross breed. She is the direct result of Heidi's Animal Control job. One night, Heidi received an animal complaint call about a chicken being on the top of someone's car. Even more unbelievable was that the chicken on the car was on the corner of Main Street and Route 4 - not quite the usual place to find a chicken. Sure enough, there was a small and sad-looking chicken and a man who was just petting her. She looked as though she had fallen off of a poultry tuck due to her huge patches of road rash and missing feathers. When she first came to the farm she hid for many weeks. As she started to feel better, she came out and started to show her personality. Now, she can often be seen jumping up to get muffin bits out of Bob's hands! She is the big egg producer, maybe it is because she is much happier in her new life as an equine farm chicken.

MJ - Retired

"MJ" got his name from the brand on his hip which looks like anything from an anchor to a crown, depending on who you ask.  He is an older QH gelding from the "M bar J" ranch or so says his brand.  He came here pretty grumpy about life but with a lot of TLC from the kids and a few special people he is finding that to be grumpy is not so easy here!  He is often seen relaxing in his paddock completely stretched out in the sun.  He is a super beginner horse and has already brought home some ribbons from his first dressage show! He is taking on a great role as one of our star beginner boys.  In his previous life, the taught riding lessons at camps and trail strings. He came to the farm in 2008.

Jake - Retired
FCRA school horse Jake

"Jake" is a chestnut 1985 Appendix QH gelding who stands 16.2 hands. Jake is such a good boy for the advanced beginner and the rider who wants to learn to jump. He is kind, although he makes grumpy faces for the girth, and he LOVES any attention and grooming. He is particularly cute when you find an itchy spot on his belly! Jake feels very scared if he is tied, so we don't completely tie him. Be sure to learn from the trainer how to handle that situation so that he can know that he is as safe as can be at all times. Jake was a hunt seat horse for so many years before we got him and had been owned by the same family for a very long time. Now he is very happy to hang out with his band of older geldings, what a great boy! Jake came to us in the summer of 2008.

Otto - Retired
FCRA school horse Otto

"Otto" is a 1995 TB gelding who raced until he was 10. He came off the track to learn dressage and jumping. He has come to us with so much to offer not only the more advanced rider but the slightly green rider as well because he is just SO kind! He is a happy boy who loves to be the center of attention but would rather that you did not bother fussing about his ears or forelock! Otto came in 2011.

Cowboy - Retired

"Silver Cowboy" is a Registered Appendix QH he stands 16 hands, and was born in 1992. He came to us with a western background. We soon found out that he has training in dressage and really loves to jump. He is a horse that really enjoys eventing, as well as trail riding and even going to the beach. He is the type of horse that other horses really like, as well as people. He is not a beginner horse because he needs help in his balance, but has so much to offer the serious rider. He is always competitive at shows, and loves to go places with the farm. If he thinks you are coming to the paddock with treats, he will meet you at the gate with ears pricked forward. He has been with FCRA since 2005.

Speckle Head - In Memory

Speckle Head is an Indian Runner Duck and he was hatched in 2003. He came here with two siblings: Solid Head and Special Duck. Special Duck was "special" because she had a broken leg as a duckling. She only lived about a year due to her uneven gait and disappeared one night. Solid Head was with us for two years and then he too disappeared one night.

Specklehead and Baby DucksSpeckle Head is unique in his ability to live as a wild duck all summer. He integrates well with the Mallards that visit us and is even recruited by mother Mallards to watch over the ducklings as he is taller and can see a farther away than the flightless mothers. In 2005, Speckle Head fathered a brood of ducklings of which he was very proud. They all bore the badge of his white feathering through their coats, although the rest of his traits are recessive so they were not passed down. When the Mallards fly south for the winter, Speckle Head walks to the barn and then integrates just as well with the two and four legged friends. He actually prefers to sleep in with the goats than to sleep alone! His favorite pastime during the winter is to swim in heated water in Bob's office. He was so surprised in the winter of 2006 when he arrived in the barn to find more feathered friends - the chickens! We do ask that people let him come to them, and that they don't chase him. We also ask that people don't pick him up as his wings are fragile, and he can spook easily. If you want to pat him ask Heidi or Bob and they will bring him to you.

Murray - In Memory

"Murray" is a tried and true beginner horse who has a lot to offer the student learning to jump as well. He is a 14.3 hand QH, who was born in 1986. He was a super ranch horse as a youngster. He was one of the favorite mounts for the cowboys who used him to find lost horses and calves. Now he looks to his young students with a responsibility of the same caliber. He will do everything he can to stay under the rider, and yet challenge them when they are ready. Murray is a required stepping stone in the lesson program; if you can canter on Murray you can go up to the taller horses. Murray came to FCRA in 2005.

Murray, it has been almost a week since you passed away on 2/8/09, and I really miss you.  I have to say that I feel like 5 horses are missing, at first I did not know why, now I know it is because your heart was that big.  Most of all I miss your baby face, your gentle gait around the arena, and your endearing expression waiting for something fun to happen.  I know you are with Max, and I am glad for you two to be together again.  The children miss you, and the moms miss your safety, but most of all, I miss you, my trusted and beloved co-worker, and my very good friend.  - Heidi

Max - In Memory

"Max" is a horse that has made his home here at the farm. He was purchased in 1999 from another lesson program. Most of his life has been involved with teaching new riders. It seems that this 15 hand QH "type" gelding who was born in 1979, is allergic to sweat; a clear testament to how hard this boy worked in his past life. He has done everything, and has been champion at it with his riders here at the farm. He has taught almost everyone here at sometime or another. He is a real treasure. He is registered with AGHR.

Max passed away here at his home at First Choice on February 5, 2008.

Max, dear, sweet Max. You made this your home, you made me your person, and you made the kids champions. They got to learn so much from you. How do you say good bye to someone who chose you like you chose me and First Choice? I don't want to, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all of your patience, and thank you for the times when you may not have wanted to be patient, and you told us, yet you did not let it hurt us. Thank you for your shine, your health, your beauty, especially because you showed it to us the most. Thank you more than anything though for all of times I asked something of you and you gently told me the answer, and especially, the truth. Thank you for telling me so gently that you wanted to leave, that you were ready to pass. For keeping the promise we made to each other that all we needed was a sign, and that you and I would not fight it, but we would hold each other through it because we knew it would be hard for both of us, me for losing you and you for your journey. It is hard beyond belief to say good bye to you Max, and I am still not ready. I love you for everything there is about you, your absolute powerful source of inner peace. I, and all of the children, will miss you more than anyone who did not know you will be able to comprehend. - Heidi

Tonka - In Memory

"Tonka" is a QH who is known for his continual good manners and honesty. This is probably the first horse you will meet at the farm. He is the safest horse in the world and is never unpredictable or quick, unless that is, you take him on a trail ride! Then he likes to lead no matter how long legged the TB's may be! Tonka not only teaches the beginners, but he is a sturdy mount for our smallest riders. Standing at 14.1 hands, he still qualifies for the pony size. Tonka waits in the paddock or on the cross ties not only for treats, but more importantly a good scratching! He has been with FCRA since 2002.

Tonka passed away in his sleep, June 1, 2007. He was a precious horse that everyone has spent some time with. He was often the first horse that a rider saw when they came to the farm to learn to ride. His never ending patience, his understanding and gentle ways, even his wonderful ears will never be forgotten. For a horse to be able to shift to anyone's level of riding ability, be it a Preschooler for a leadline lesson, or a more advanced rider learning to jump, he gave everything. We will always miss him.

Curly - In Memory
Curly and Heidi

"Curly" had to be put down on August 13, 2007 at the age of 25 due to natural causes. Before his retirement, he spent many years at First Choice as a beloved school horse, but he was always Heidi's special horse.

Curly, you brought me joy, you brought me grace, you gave me wings, you touched me deeper than I even wanted to be touched. You helped me find my self, you saved me, and you gave me real life. Then you went on and did it for so many other people. You are free now, like we were on the hill, you are free now, and I will miss you but I know your magic will never leave me. Thank you for my family, the family that one horse made just by being here, a family that will always love you, and always miss you even though you will never really be gone. I love you, we all love you. - Heidi