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Clinics at First Choice

Lendon Gray with Cora Auditing a clinic with Jane SavoieWe are very honored to have some wonderful clinicians come here to First Choice. They usually offer private and semi-private lessons, but if you feel that you aren't quite ready for that yet, auditing is a great chance to learn something new from the experts.

Our students should discuss whether they are ready for a particular clinic with their trainer. If they do attend, we ask that they dress appropriately - please see What to Wear for Clinics.

Gunnar Ostergaard

We have regularly scheduled clinics on the farm with Gunnar Ostergaard who is continuing to call us his home base in the North East.

Lendon Gray

We are also lucky enough to get Lendon Gray here this summer for an extended period of time being THREE days on July 5,6, and 7th. Riders can sign up on the Dressage For Kids TEAM page.


Leah at dressage showWe offer the ability to enjoy horse showing at a variety of levels. Whether you are ready for the entry level competition or more, we try to provide all of the options. Not only do we travel to away shows in NH, VT, MA or NY, but we hold our own in-house competitions too. Become part of the excitement of not only your own success, but that of the entire First Choice family! We encourage a feeling of teamwork at home and away. Feel the pride as you post your ribbon up with those of the seasoned riders. Whether you have the show of your life or an off day, you'll always be part of the team.

Horse show riders will always need the proper attire, a white fitted saddle pad, and a clean grooming kit of their own for shows. See What to wear for shows for more information.

Show prep is always a busy, yet fun time. When First Choice goes to a show, we want all eyes on us, so the prep is key: black horses need to be black, grey horses need to be silver/white, braids need to be neat, tight, and uniform, and tack needs to sparkle. We start with show prep after 1 pm the day before the show with horses being schooled, then bathed and braided. The great part about this time is that you see the magic of the barn with the older kids helping younger kids, horses standing tolerantly, and the overall buzz about the show to come. The kids can expect an impromptu inspection from a trainer to be sure the goals of a good turn out are being met. Many times you will see a trainer suds up a horse to display the "art of scrubbing with elbow grease" to produce a shiny clean horse. In the aisle, you'll hear, "Will you braid my horse if I clean your tack?" Or "Does anyone have any clippers?" Preparing as a group strengthens the continuity of the "team" that goes out to the shows.

Parents laugh because many show prep days fall on Fridays, which is Pizza Party Day for summer camp and barn rats at lunchtime, but when the kids are asked what they want for dinner at the farm, the unanimous answer is "Pizza"!

If show prep does not fit into your schedule, we do offer a show prep service to prepare your horse the day before a show.

All riders need grooms and so we ask that those who are showing, do at least one show as a full time groom.

First Choice Home Shows

 Chris at FCRA Home show

Our home shows have something for everyone. All ages and abilities are welcome. Come and have a lot of fun while showing all that you have learned.


2018 Show Fees

As you know, horses, especially show quality horses, are expensive. These fees represent the fees for horse shows based on location, and services provided for the horse show.  If you do not own a horse the fee is covering a daily lease fee, hence the increased expense.  If you are a leaser, or a partial leaser you will see that the fees are representing that investment.  These fees do NOT include entry fee, show supplies for away shows, or other expenses.  The first day of show class coaching is included in the fees, if there are multiple days please add $35 per class.  Let the trainer know if you are hoping to do a private lesson on arrival day of a show so that can be established as well.  If your trainer is showing there may be some situations when you won’t be able to have a coach and that will be reflected in your fees.

Show Location Horse Owner Half Leaser Non-leaser
FCRA Home Show $25 $25 $50
GMHA $200 $225 $250
Hitching Post Farm, Vershire Riding School or Tamarack Farm $200 $225 $250
Stoneleigh Burnham, Mt. Holyoke, or Green Acres Stable $250 $275 $300
Puckerbrush, Mystic Valley $375 $450 $525
Sauergerites, NY $650 $700 $750
      updated 2/16

Please note that these fees are based upon a three horse minimum. If you do not require transport to a show from us, then deduct $75 from the fees, the remaining fee covers time, coaching, and show support. If you want transport without coaching or show support, we charge $65 per hour from leaving the farm to returning to the farm.

Also, if you want to do something like take a leased horse to an overnight camp, that is possible, just see Heidi, if you want to rent a horse for a day for a trail ride, or a clinic you can do that!  The daily fee of the horses is $50, and that includes the tack, but it will need to be cleaned by you.

If you see something that is interesting or have another idea, just come to Heidi and we can try to make it work!

If you would like to participate in a show and you are unable to prepare your horse for show, that is not a problem. We will prepare your horse: bathed, trimmed, and braided for $75. If you need someone to braid your horse, we can provide that as well for $25. Please provide the specific products that you would like used on your horse or tack.

Please note that when you sign up on the bulletin board for a show you are making a commitment and will be charged for the show whether you go or not. Please check before you sign up so that we don't have any confusion.


Tack Stall at Youth Dressage Festival First Choice girlsl lined up at dressage show

See you at the show!